Work in progress. For a deeper dive, some things to check out. This is a compilation of some of the work my brilliant friends are doing, as well as the stories that speak to me. Happy to add a link if you shoot me an email.

  • Brightside - I’m an independent contractor for a telemedicine company that provides cognitive behavioral therapy and medications remotely. $95 / month includes consultations with a physician such as myself via videoconference.

  • The Enneagram - My friend Josh turned me on to the Enneagram. If you’ve ever taken a Meyers Briggs or are looking to do some inner work, check it out. I’m a 3 wing 4, for the record.

  • In the Dark - Podcast that won the Peabody and is so much better than Serial. The Supreme Court of the United States recently ruled on the case that Curtis Flowers should get a new trial. Prepare to be horrified by the racism that still goes on in Mississippi, and someone please run for District Attorney there against Doug Evans (the racist prosecutor who continues to run unopposed)…

  • Feminarchy - My friends Laura and Dominique are hysterical feminist comedians/singers

  • It’s a Broadwaysted Life! - Jason is the best songwriter you’ve never heard of

  • Own What You Think - Online accountability campaign started by my friend Connor. Online bullying is real, and people commit suicide over it. anonymity = cowardice

  • Switched On Pop - Love me some pop and music theory

  • Rose Pricks - Two friends talking on the phone and snarking about The Bachelor franchise. “The audio quality sucks and so do our souls.”

  • Here to Make Friends - for a more intellectual take on The Bachelor

  • An End to Upside Down Thinking - My friend Mark’s book that challenges the concept of materialism. Does matter have to precede consciousness?

  • Pamela Wible, MD - Apparently I’m not the only doctor who finds it problematic that the entire medical education system causes so many doctors to kill themselves and then covers it up

  • The White Dress - my friend Roger’s play is about to open in New York City. Go check it out!

  • Sash Bischoff - I was lucky enough to act and sing in one of her shows in college!

  • The story of my friend Justin Pines - he inspires me every day

  • Vizer App - I have no official affiliation with this app, but I think it’s a really cool idea that I hope branches out from San Diego.

  • I Am CJO - my personal trainer and former Bachelorette contestant, Connor Obrochta, has been great in helping me train for the Nautica Malibu Triathlon Classic Distance 9/14/2019.

  • San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus - we perform 3 shows per year! Come check us out.